Russell Morland (AKA LURK) is a Vancouver Island, BC-based artist whose work ranges from detailed, psychedelic paintings and illustrations to digital drawings and collaborative products. Born in the UK, Morland attended Barnsley College of Art and New College Durham, obtaining degrees in graphic design, art and design, and fine art. Since then, he’s remained active as an independent artist and freelance designer.


Morland draws inspiration from the worlds of lowbrow, street art, skateboarding, and board games. Throughout his career, his work has been featured on shoes, underwear, skateboards, card games, for prominent clients including Britney Spears, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Etnies Shoes, and RedBull. 

Lurk x Not Fungible

Emotion. Happy – Lurking in nature

Part of the Emotions series. It takes you on a journey through the depths of emotional states and experiences as each artist brings them to life through art.

Artist Interview

How'd you come up with your alias?

I used to call the junkies that stole from the skate shop i worked in, Lurkers, I started putting speech bubbles in my art at the time that said “lurk” eventually people just started calling them Lurk paintings, it just stuck.

What's your background?

Free lance artist for around 28 yrs working with various skateboard companies. Fine artist showing in the UK, US, and Canada. Tattoo artist for 18yrs. I ran a gallery for 5yrs.

What do you feel were some career highlights?

(prior to NFTs)

I had my own shoe model released and designed by me for Etnies shoe company! That was dope.

You're an NFT creator, what's your next move?!

1/1 landscapes, and a new generative project by the end of the year! I’d really love to make a game in 2023!

Tell us about your favorite NFTs - one that you've made and one that you've purchased and why they're your favorites

This piece of mine that I did with Pop Wonder
This piece by Sean Kush takes the cake for me, honestly Seans work just speaks to me, such a mad man with his subject matter and social commentary

Who/what inspires you?

The search for the end of my imagination.