NFT Artist Incubator

Not Fungible operates the most comprehensive NFT artist incubator in existence. We help new artists on-board successfully into the NFT art industry and work with established artists to grow their brand.

Incubator launches early Q2, 2021


The incubator is free to join for approved artists. For artists that are looking to get the most out of the incubator there is a paid Advanced membership tier that includes exclusive industry services and opportunities


Guidance on how the NFT art industry operates

How to properly value the artists work before going to market

Access to the GAME Credits NFT platform

Meet and collaborate with other up-and-coming artists

Access to crypto art events put on by Not Fungible or other organizations

General crypto knowledge for new NFT artists (wallets, exchanges and best practices)

Advice on how to get exposure and grow the artist’s brand within the industry

Introduction into the Metaverses: Decentraland, Somnium Space, Crypto Voxels, Upland and The Sandbox


Expert-level education on NFT’s including exploring the technical and creative possibilities

Effective ‘go to market’ strategy for new artists to debut their work to the industry

How to become validated to sell on the top NFT art exchanges and galleries

Access to exclusive art collaborations

*Advanced membership includes all base tier incubator services

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