Not Fungible has a job opening for the role of Program Manager for the NFT artist incubator. We have received overwhelming support and interest in just our first week so we will be posting multiple roles over the coming weeks and months. Details on the Program Manager role below:

Program Manager – NFT artist incubator

This is a full time remote working position at Not Fungible that focuses on the daily management of our Artist Incubator. The incubator acts as an on-ramp for new artists entering into the NFT space as well as environment for existing NFT artists to raise their profile, education and platform they have with the growing global NFT audience. The Program Manager will have the following duties:

– Vet artists wishing to apply to the incubator

– Daily interaction with incubator members of all levels 

– Put together material that will be used in the incubator (educational and promotional)

– Work closely with the owners to align the company’s short and long term goals of the incubator

 – Daily management of the Not Fungible Discord channel where much of the incubator activity will take place

– Hosting and / or coordination of events via the incubator

– Act as a liaison for Not Fungible when interacting with key partners such as NFT art marketplaces – Assist with social media engagement

Additional information

This role will see the successful candidate work closely with the owners and will have a well-rounded personality and attitude towards life. Given the role will often the require the Program Manager working closely with the numerous artists applying and those accepted into the incubator, a working knowledge of NFT art and cryptocurrency will be considered an asset. Excellent coordinator skills and the ability to multi task in a face paced environment are essential to this role. 

Please contact us at if you wish to apply and include your CV. We shall follow up with potential candidates we feel may be a good fit for joining the most exciting start-up in the World of NFT’s.




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