Lucho Poletti

Highly regarded as a top artist within the Bitcoin community, Lucho has been a full-time crypto-artist since late 2017, focusing heavily on creating digital vector art in a wide range of styles, using crafty combos of words, symbols, and images to persuade the public that bitcoin is better money. Driven by a passion to educate the masses about how government money works, Lucho has consistently raised the bar for his works with every major release, motivated by the idea that more visually impressive images and better crafted messaging create a bigger impact. Lucho has a truly world-wide brand, shipping tens of thousands of pieces of bitcoin art over the years on collectible prints, posters, stickers, and merch on

Lucho Paletti

Carlos Marcial

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Slime Sunday

Slimesunday is a digital collage artist based out of Boston MA. He consistently pushes the limits of what is acceptable in mainstream media, exploring bizarre and erotic topics. His primary portfolio is displayed on Instagram where he has generated over 520K followers. Slimesunday’s art can be found in Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, Plastik, and Glamour Magazine. Slimesunday is the visual artist behind the audio visual duo SSX3LAU, who has had previous success on Nifty Gateway.

Alotta Money

Alotta Money is a pioneering crypto artist and ‘NFT Machine’ who produces a wide range of digital art. His work is often a trippy mixture of anarchic, cyberdelic, nonsensical and humorously subversive art. He is also a renowned architect within the Cryptovoxels metaverse.