Not Fungible’s Signature Series: Chronicles

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One of the tenants of Not Fungible fine art is that there is purpose, depth and technological creativity present in each piece we produce. This is especially true for our inaugural Signature series release: Chronicles.

Chronicles – The Art

The purpose behind the Chronicles series is to pay homage to the industry that gave birth to NFT art – cryptocurrency. For many who are new to cryptocurrency, learning about its rich history is eye opening to say the least. For those who are fortunate enough to have been a part of its history it has been nothing short of surreal. Chronicles tells the story of the history of cryptocurrency and blockchain, one year at a time dating back to its inception in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto popped up on the scene with a compelling idea that would change the World. 

Each year looks at the most memorable moments that took place as seen through the eyes of both Not Fungible and the artist.  This is then brought to life and once complete, each artist that is selected for the Chronicles Signature series will add a small piece to one of the greatest stories ever told. 


Chronicles – The Artists

Because this is Not Fungible’s inaugural Signature series release, we scoured the globe for the very best NFT artists to work on Chronicles. You will find the very best names in the industry showing up in this series as they give their unique perspective on each year of cryptocurrency’s storied history to date. Lucho Polleti will be kicking things off for us with the 2008 piece and we will be working our way up the ladder chronologically thereafter. 

Keep your eyes peeled as we release more information regarding other artists that are slated to contribute to this iconic series. Other artists that have been approved to work on Chronicles include Carlos Marcial, Alotta Money and Slime Sunday. We have many other top names and we will be revealing their names and the year they will be bringing to life in the coming weeks and months. 

A lot of preparation and care goes into the selection of these artists and we work with them hand-in-hand to ensure there is a deep storytelling component to the finished product. This is one of many ways that Not Fungible fine art distinguishes itself from all other digital art in the NFT realm. The piece you see that comes to market is often the result of many months of careful deliberation, as we strive to set the standard for the very best NFT art in existence. 


 Chronicles – The Release date

The wait for Chronicles first piece to drop will soon be over. The 2008 edition by Lucho Polleti will be dropping on MakersPlace on March 1st, 2021. This will be an auction-style drop and with only five (5) prints total of this animated 3-min long masterpiece, we expect a lot of action leading up to the final sale.

For those of you that miss out on grabbing print #4 of the 2008 edition, we will be putting up print #5 for sale via auction later this year. Most of the artists are unlikely to sell their print #1 and with Not Fungible holding prints #2 and #3 in our Vault for several years, March 1st is likely a best chance a savvy art collector has at owning a piece of NFT history.

 We hope to see you all there in a few weeks and are looking forward to making some history of our own with this first every piece of art released by Not Fungible. Until then, take care and keep that ETH handy as you may just need it.



  • The Not Fungible family