Welcome to Not Fungible

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The renaissance of art may not be televised but it most certainly will be tokenized. We are thrilled to invite everyone in the NFT community as well as new entrants into the cryptocurrency space to Not Fungible – The World’s leading NFT fine art gallery and artist incubator.

Our Background

It has been less than seventy two hours since we debuted and the reception we have received is nothing short of staggering. Today we are going to give you an overview on what Not Fungible is about as well as a preview as to the exciting things we have coming later this year. The company has been founded by long standing crypto entrepreneurs and close friends Steve Wand and Jason Cassidy.

Steve has been deeply involved in the NFT art space since its inception several years ago and has traveled the planet to spread the gospel of cryptocurrency. Jason has been in the space for almost a decade and has several NFT companies in the industry including GAME Credits and Metaverse Property. Both Steve and Jason are considered experts in crypto and specifically the NFT sector so it makes perfect sense that they have brought Not Fungible to life.

Our NFT Art

Not Fungible has two core services we offer. The first is the curation and bringing to market of some of the most exquisite masterpieces that exist in the NFT art space. We work with the top digital artists from across the globe and hand pick each artist for our pieces. We have two lines of art we produce with the first being our Signature Series pieces.

A Signature Series piece follows our rule of only product five (5) prints of each piece, ever. Quite often only two (2) of these five (5) prints will ever make it to the market as the artist always keeps print #1 for themselves and the company keeps #2 and #3 in our Vault for an extended period of time. Prints #4 and #5 will be offered for sale and thus the digital scarcity factor heavily plays into all of our Signature Series pieces. We may on occasion make exceptions to this rule however those instances will be few and far between.

The other line we have for our art releases is called Classics. Classics follow the same methodology for conception and creation of art as our Signature Series however they tend to have higher print runs and may also have deeper storylines behind them with a longer series length. All art at Not Fungible is scarce and of high quality simply due to our strict guidelines for how we produce NFT art and fans and collectors will find value in either line of art for various reasons.

NFT Artist Incubator

The other core service we offer at Not Fungible is our NFT artist incubator. The incubator focuses on on-boarding new artists into the World of NFT art via a comprehensive program that assists them in various ways. If the artist is brand new to the space than that may mean we tailor their experience to provided education on the NFT space and basic cryptocurrency knowledge. Other areas we may assist with here would be teaching the artist how to properly valuate their art and showing them the technical possibilities with NFT art.

For artists who are already comfortable with the digital realm of NFT art this may mean we work on helping them get validated on the top NFT art marketplaces. Other opportunities include exclusive collaborations with the top artists in the industry, cultivating an effective go-to-market strategy and gaining a larger audience and platform within the space.

The incubator has two tiers, Basic and a paid lifetime membership tier where the artists get access to the most valuable and coveted services we have to offer. Entry into the Basic level of the incubator is free however there is a strict vetting process that each artist must go through before being accepted into the incubator. Accepted artists can expect to eventually gain access to unique and exclusive curation opportunities with future Not Fungible releases. Decisions that factor into this are timing, the type of art each series is focusing on and the artists willingness to work within the frame work of whatever theme and ethos that series encapsulates.

A Final Word

Not Fungible is a joint vision between the two founders that has finally come to fruition. It took several years to put the proper pieces into place and you will see this reflected in the quality NFT art offerings that make it to market. Owning a piece of art from Not Fungible will carry an element of intrigue and an aura of prestige.. We are single handedly setting the standard for NFT fine art and welcome fans, collectors and artists to join us and become part of the Not Fungible family. You will find we are very receptive to new ideas on how to build a better mouse trap and simply love to hear feedback from you on anything we are doing within the company.

Next week we will be releasing information on our Signature and Classic series releases, taking an in-depth look at each one of them. We will explore the purpose behind them and provide a sneak peak at what you expect to see coming from the company over the course of 2021. Stay tuned because in this case, the best truly is yet to come.

  • The Not Fungible family

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